Carrier FAQ’s

Q: There are other services similar to My Carrier Resources, what makes MCR different?

A:  Each of our competitors offers a good product. The primary difference between MCR and the others is the carrier’s ability to go into extensive detail about itself. For instance, what other services does the carrier offer? What areas does it operate in? Detailed information on types and sizes of equipment. Does the carrier deliver in Mexico or Canada? Does it have warehousing and more. Shippers and 3PL’s are able to create searches that allow them to generate a list of carriers that fit their specific needs.

Q:  As a carrier, why should I provide so much detail about my company?

A:  There is not much in the carrier’s profile that is not readily accessible on most carriers’ websites. Each of the fields is now or will be searchable so the more information provided, the more likely the carrier will come up in a shipper’s search.

Q:  Is MCR the same as a load board?

A:  Yes and no. Let me explain. MCR is not a daily load board like Internet Truckstop, GetLoaded or PostEverywhere. The load boards are great for the one-time load. Our objective is to help our customers (carriers, shippers and 3PL’s) find each other to develop long-term business relationships. As an example, suppose the carrier is based in Illinois and operates up and down the Mississippi River states. Now, suppose the shipper is based in Washington and needs a carrier to pickup and deliver truckloads out of Memphis TN on a recurring basis. The shipper can find a registered carrier on MCR that fits the bill and learn about their capabilities before making the first contact.

Q:  I noticed that the carriers can register for free. Why?

A:  MCR is designed to help carriers market their services to prospective shippers. The basic profile is free to the carriers. There are additional services available to the carriers that have fees.

Q:  There are a lot of questions about our insurance coverage. Why should I answer those?

A:  Two reasons. First, those fields will be searchable and if they are not complete, your company may get passed by in a search. Second, many carriers, especially the smaller fleets, do not know what their insurance covers. If you have a hole in your coverage wouldn’t you want to know about it?


Q:  A follow-up on the last question. I don’t have time to read my insurance policy, is there an easier way to answer these questions?

A:  Yes, the easiest way is to print or copy the screen and send it to your insurance agent. Have the agent complete it for you, sign it (that way if the company denies coverage later you can prove that the agent said you were covered) and send it back to you. Then just enter the answers into your profile.

Q:  As a carrier, I feel like we spend enough money on advertising and sales so we don’t really need your service. Why should I bother completing a profile on the website?

A:  There are a number of answers to this question. First, we obtain our basic information on ALL carriers from the FMCSA as a download twice a month. For that reason, your company is already in the database, it just doesn’t have any details on your operation. Second, building the profile on MCR is free and it provides you with the opportunity to make sure any potential customers see everything about your company you would want to present in person, such as any awards you company may have received over the years. Again, registering and building the profile is FREE to carriers so you have no additional costs to incur. Third, the best way to view MCR is as a supplement to your current sales efforts. Isn’t easier to field calls from prospective customers than to go out beating the bushes looking for them?

Q:  Is My Carrier Resources a broker?

A:  No

Q:  Do you receive any commissions from shippers and carriers who meet through your website? 

A:  No, the only fees we receive are from subscriptions to the service and extra services that may be purchased separately.

Q:  Do you sell our information to other vendors as a list like magazines and charities do? 

A:  No. If we chose to do that, we would ask your permission first.

Q:  What makes you think that there is a market for this service? 

A:   The idea for the website developed while working in carrier compliance for a third party. I found it frustrating that I had to go to three or four websites to gather all the information I needed before I could bring a carrier on-line to use. I searched the Internet but could not find a service that offered everything I was looking for in one service. If you can’t find it, then you have to build it yourself. So we did and My Carrier Resources is the result. Below are some excerpts from business community web group that I belong to. This list comes from shippers looking for carriers with several types of equipment and/or in varying regions. Hopefully this is enough to convince you that this site is going to be an asset to your marketing efforts.

Looking for Hopper Carriers out of the Gulf Region to Haul Silica. The trucks have 12' centers on the outlets. Prefer gravity outlets over pneumatic

Seeking asset-based van or flat carriers for approx. 20 shipments/month from Pittsburgh area to Little Rock area.

Seeking asset-based truckload carriers for moving loads from Waco, TX to various TX & AL points Dec-Feb. One stop, no touch, dry freight food pallets. Easy on & off.

project will take place late october/november in East Syracuse NY. Need asset based Van and Reefers carriers to move product from one warehouse to the new one. Please contact me if interested

I have a year round customer in GA that needs full loads of potatoes delivered once/twice per week. Assets only.Thanks!

Seeking asset-based carriers for flatbed shipments from the Little Rock area to points in Southern California.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR FLATBED AND STEPDECKS IN WILMINGTON NC AND CHESAPEAKE VA TO NJ AND UPSTATE NY. Asset based carriers only, have multiple loads. Empty containers, NO TWIC card needed, strap and go

Need asset based carrier for regular shipments ex the north Georgia/Chattanooga area. Dry van, trailer pool at origin required. Shipments primarily destined to Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Services - Bolingbrook, IL is looking for asset based carriers who are interested in discussing dedicated opportunities in and around the following markets - Chicago, Milwaukee, Memphis and Atlanta. Additional opportunities for carriers who are currently looking for freight out of Milwaukee and the surrounding areas is also available.

We are looking for a dry van LTL carrier than can serve the Northeast states (NJ, NY, CT, ME, PA, MA).

Does anyone know of a trucking company with consistent capacity in the "Western 11" states? Thanks!

I am seeking RELIABLE asset-based carriers for shipments from the US to Montreal and also to various locations in Ontario Canada.

I am in need of reefers in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Idaho for daily produce deliveries to the Midwest.

Consistent Freight Available: Atlanta, GA - Ft. Wayne, IN. 240+ TL's a year. One a day, sometime two. Plant to Plant transfers. Palletized plastic. 40k or less. 53 DV's only.

Need reefers in Camden NJ to NYC and to MD. Must have TWIC cards and clean with chute intact. Great pay, easy load and unload. Can be VERY profitable lane for steady work

I am looking for carriers that use team drivers. I have scheduled lanes but dont really have a handle on the team carriers. thanks

Looking for carriers running out of Toronto area. Loads going to Rochester area and North Carolina. Need temperature control. Anybody have any ideas?

Dwight IL to Grand Rapids MI 2-3 Loads per day, V or R, 11/29-12/3 Asset-based carriers only

Permanent loads from Romeoville, IL to Orlando, FL - looking for rate


Looking for equipment around Fargo, ND to come back to Chicago.