about our company

My Carrier Resources is designed to help carriers, shippers and 3PL’s find each other. We have combined the attributes of the best sources of information on the web into one location. Carriers are able to provide detailed information about their company on the site that is searchable by shippers and 3PL’s; territory, equipment types and sizes, warehousing, additional services, to name a few. Information on missing equipment can be posted for help in locating and getting it back.

Shippers and 3PL’s can use this site to monitor their existing carrier’s authority, insurance and safety ratings as well as find new carriers to partner by entering the search parameters for their specific needs.

We hope you will like what we have put together and will participate in making it better.

For Carriers
Build your own profile for shippers to help shippers and 3PL’s find you. As a carrier you cannot only list your basic information but go into detail about your company. What territory do you run? What kind of equipment do you have? Are you a “SmartWay” carrier? Do you offer warehousing or intermodal services? What awards has your company received over the years? Do you have specific capacity available on a regular basis? Building the profile is free.

Help the shipper who may never see one of your trucks or your salesman find you.

For Shippers
Whether you manage the transportation for a single location or many, it is nearly impossible to be aware of all the carriers available to transport your freight. As a responsible shipper, you must perform your due diligence on your carriers by monitoring their authority, insurance and safety ratings.

My Carrier Resources can handle not only the compliance monitoring for you but make it much easier to identify carriers who meet your need for a specific service or type of equipment. Need a carrier that has a warehouse and can handle distribution in a certain region? You can find them here. Need to move an oversized piece of machinery across the country? You can find the carrier here. Need to find a minority carrier for a government contract? You can find them here. Need a list of carriers for a bid? You can find them here.

For 3PL’s
Two major challenges face 3PL’s each day. The first is finding new carriers and the second is compliance monitoring for due diligence. There are numerous websites that can help you find carriers. The problem is finding the right carrier for your customer’s shipments. Using a carrier on a one time basis is time consuming and expensive. Opening a new territory can be difficult if you don’t know who is in the region to transport your shipments. It can take a lot of phone calls to develop a carrier base in a new territory. Our service makes it possible for your company to combine its compliance obligation with search capabilities to locate new carriers. Your information will be searchable by shippers and carriers as well for any that are looking for your services.