Broker FAQ’s

Q: There are other services similar to My Carrier Resources, what makes MCR different?

A:  Each of our competitors offers a good product. There are two significant differences between MCR and the others. The first is the carrier’s ability to go into extensive detail about its operations and equipment. For instance, what other services does the carrier offer? What areas does it operate in? There is detailed information on types and sizes of equipment. Does the carrier deliver in Mexico or Canada? Does it offer warehousing and more? The second difference is as a broker you are able to create searches that allow you to generate a list of carriers that fits your specific needs based on lanes, equipment type, safety ratings and more.

Q:  Is MCR the same as a load board?

A:  Yes and no. Let me explain. MCR is not a daily load board like Internet Truckstop, GetLoaded or PostEverywhere. The load boards are great for the one-time load. Our objective is to help our customers (carriers, shippers and 3PL’s) find each other to develop long-term business relationships. As an example, suppose the carrier is based in Illinois and operates up and down the Mississippi River states. Now, suppose the broker is based in Washington and needs a carrier to pickup and deliver truckloads out of Memphis TN on a recurring basis. The broker can find a registered carrier on MCR that fits the bill and learn about their capabilities before making the first contact.

Q:  I noticed that the carriers can register for free. Why?

A:  MCR is designed to help carriers market their services to prospective shippers. The basic profile is free to the carriers. There are additional services available to the carriers that have fees.

Q:  Is My Carrier Resources a broker?

A:  No

Q:  Do you receive any commissions from shippers, brokers or carriers who meet through your website?

A:  No, the only fees we receive are from subscriptions to the service and extra services that may be purchased separately.

Q:  Do you sell our information to other vendors as a list like magazines and charities do?

A:  No. If we chose to do that, we would give you the ability to opt out first.

Q:  What makes you think that there is a market for this service?

A:  The idea for the website was developed while working in carrier compliance for a third party. We found it frustrating that we had to go to three or four websites to gather all the information we needed before we could bring a carrier on-line to use. We searched the Internet but could not find a service that offered everything we were looking for in one service. If you can’t find it, then you have to build it yourself. So we did and My Carrier Resources is the result. We chose the name “My Carrier Resources” because we felt it describes exactly what we are providing to Shippers, Brokers and Carriers, a resource. We believe our name says it all. No

Q:  I can get this same information by going to multiple websites or subscribing to multiple services. Why should I subscribe to yours?

A:  It is true that you can get this information from multiple sources and that really is the point. What is your time worth? Do you really want to cross-reference these sources to get the same information that is available in one website?

Q:  Does MCR offer carrier and/or broker monitoring services such as Carrier411, SaferWatch or CarrierWatch?

A:  Yes and no. Let me explain. Having been in carrier compliance for years we have learned what is necessary to establish due diligence. As an example, having a copy of an insurance certificate that is sent by the carrier itself or downloaded from its website does not qualify as due diligence. Why? Because the certificate could be a fake, it does not list your company as the certificate holder and should come directly from the insurance company to be considered authentic. For that reason, you won’t find a copy of the carrier’s insurance on our site. What you will find however, is a detailed breakdown of what the carrier’s insurance does and does not cover (provided by the carrier or its insurance broker). You will also find a tab on the carrier’s profile that list any and all awards they have received for safety, service, etc. A carrier might be on the bubble but a number of awards for safety or service could be a deciding factor adding to your due diligence. We will notify a subscriber of any change in a carrier’s authority or safety rating that is being monitored. You will find that what we provide, including a checklist of items you should have on each carrier, will meet more than the minimum information required to prove due diligence.

Q:  Where does the information that MCR displays come from?

A:  Our information comes from two different sources. First is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) itself. This is the same information you can see on our competitors for a fee or at the FMCSA at for free. Our second source is the carriers. Our system encourages the carriers to register (for free) and expand on the information about their services, lanes, equipment, awards, etc. It is the most detailed system you will find and we intend to keep improving it. Any suggestions you may have for information you would like to see that you cannot find now would be appreciated. Please send these to

Q:  What if I am satisfied with my current provider’s monitoring service but would like to take advantage of MCR’s carrier search abilities?

A:  Not a problem, you can register for the “Carrier Search Only” program and keep your current provider to monitor your carriers.